600 Series California Ready

California Health Code Approved
Hot Dog Carts!

We manufacture Hot Dog Carts that meet all the requirements of the California Retail Food Code (Cal Code) regulations. And they are priced so you can afford them!

Contact us for your fully customizable California Health Code approved cart!

Beautiful Sunny California.

The weather here is legendary!

It’s the perfect environment for a hot dog cart or any other food vending stand.


California has two of the key factors needed for success in a food vending business:

  1. Lots and lots of people. California is the most populous state in the union.
  2. Great weather all year around. A mobile food stand can be operated easily all 12 months of the year.

So then why aren’t more people operating food stands in California?

The California Retail Food Code (Cal Code for short) has the world’s most restrictive and all encompassing set of laws governing the sale of food from mobile facilities. Many people are simply overwhelmed by the Cal Code and thus shy away from this lucrative arena of business.

But we are changing that.

We make it easy for a new entrepreneur to start up a hot dog cart even in California. Even with those new food laws. How so?

We carefully scrutinized the new California food laws and designed a special series of new carts to meet all the different aspects of the new Cal Code. Then we took all the complicated legalistic jargon in the code that governs the operation of a food cart and put it into reasonable everyday language that we can all understand.

What does this mean to you?

It means you can finally take advantage of those great conditions in California to start a hot dog cart business. The hard stuff has already been done. Keep on reading for more information on how we help our customers with their new California Hot Dog Cart business. It just might be the key to a successful future!

NEED FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE for your business start up?
We can put you in touch with a finance company that specializes in food vending equipment loans and leases. Click on the Financing tab on the menu bar.

We pride ourselves not just in making a top quality product, but also in providing unmatched customer service along with that product. Call us and let us show you exactly what we mean.

Business Start-Up Assistance:

We provide our customers free assistance to get started in a new hot dog vending enterprise.

Just click your mouse on Business Manual and check out our on-line encyclopedia of hot dog business knowledge. Even more information is available through our Links Page.

Unsure of what you need or have questions about Accessories, Add-Ons or Options? Just call us on our Toll-Free Phone line and our experienced staff will be happy to explain the details.

Health Department Help:

Worried about meeting those confusing health department rules and regulations? Again, we provide free assistance.

  • Our Helpful Links page will put you directly in touch with your local County Health Department.
  • Our free online Cal Code Tutorial explains many of these rules in easy to understand terms.
  • Our customer service team will then help you to ensure that you get a cart equipped to meet those codes and avoid any unpleasant, costly surprises.

Call California Hot Dog Carts today and get started in a rewarding and profitable new business!